Jim Jonas, Entrepreneur, Owner of BreezyNotesEHR

“My biggest fear with starting with you guys was, can I trust an outside development team to deliver and not take advantage of me. I soon discovered that wouldn’t be an issue with VTS. You guys have always been hard-working, diligent, thorough and willing to clarify, listen to our viewpoint and change the course when needed. I really appreciate the fairness that you’ve shown us in being honest and adjusting both our expectations and what you’ve charged us, adjusting things to something that is fair. I have also developed the firm faith in your ability to problem solve a technical issue when it comes up, and do it in a timely fashion, from getting to a crisis right away to setting up an instance while on the beach! I also like your choice in good scotch!” 🙂 Jim

Paul Jonas, COO of BreezyNotesEHR

“VTS has been reliable and responsive beyond our expectations. We quickly developed a high level of trust with them to be fair, and to listen and offer thoughtful advice on how to reach our goals. The development work and ideas of VTS have been integral to the success of our project, and we look forward to continued growth together as we look toward the future.”

Robert Masters, Owner of USA2Everywhere

“I will say that I was concerned that you might be technologically constrained.  My experience with others showed that my technology foundation is weak and I thought it may cause more problems than it has.  You guys have done a great job of keeping me from experiencing major interruptions despite the weak original design. Even when you don’t understand a component of our business the amount of instruction required by me or my people is minimal. You guys catch on quickly.”

Michael Brockert, CEO of Kango Express

“Choosing an IT specialist is a lot like choosing your dentist:  the entire relationship is based on trust.  Not only has VTS gained our trust and confidence, but they have also built up on it and helped carry our business to the next level.  Their professionalism is unsurpassed;  and their technical expertise is second to none.  Every time I speak with VTS I come away with further insight and knowledge that I did not previously have.  We consider ourselves lucky to have VTS as partners and I couldn’t recommend them more highly.  We look forward to working with them long into the future.”