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Frustration With Bad Software Leads Mental Health Professionals To Create Their Own

Dated: May, 23, 2017

Company: BreezyNotes EHR®

Industry: Mental health-focused EHR software


Business challenge: The Jonas Center, a mental health clinic, opened in Glencoe, Minnesota in 2005. The center provides mental health services to people in surrounding communities. Since 2005, The Jonas Center has grown to 5 locations with more than a dozen therapists. Like any health facility, they need robust electronic recordkeeping tools to track their business and patients. Most electronic health record (EHR) software is designed to work with medical practices. Yet medical services and mental health services have different recordkeeping needs. No EHR software on the market suited the specific needs of a mental health practice. Frustrated by the lack of options, father and son duo, Jim and Paul Jonas, decided to create their own.

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